update Hard drive, Move OS

  jagsman 20:35 16 Apr 2009

I have a PC with Vista pre-installed on it. I made the backup disc when i first started the PC.

I want to upgrade the original Hdd to a larger one, but i dont know how to because i only have backup disc for Vista, and it requires files from a hidden "X" drive on the original HDD to complete the OS installation.

any ideas?

  lotvic 21:08 16 Apr 2009

You need to do a clone of your drive to the new drive.
Use a program like Aconis True Image or XXcopy.

Don't have any links to hand at mo' but there were some other threads on here with links in.
Put clone in the search at top of page and the other threads will be listed.

  grey george 21:18 16 Apr 2009

Unless your original drive is failing why not just add a large second drive as a slave to first. Leave just your OS on the C drive and put every thing else on the new larger D drive.

  jagsman 08:55 17 Apr 2009

Now to my next question.
My original HDD is partitioned into 4 separate drives,"C" "D" and 2 unallocated-(one at 6.83gb and the other at 4gb). Now i know the one at 6.83gb has shown up as "PQService" before, which i believe has something to do with the backup copy i had to burn to disc when i first got the PC. What i would like to know is;

1.Do i copy the whole HDD, or can i just copy certain partitions?
2.Where would the hidden files, needed by the backup disc to re-install Vista, be?

If it helps my PC is an ACER T180

  grey george 21:22 17 Apr 2009

I am not sure whether the drive image software will clone the unallocated partitions. Assuming that it will I would copy all. You may then enlarge the c or d to take up the extra space.
It would then be worth trying a re-install of Vista to see if it works. Keep the old drive as you can always use it to go back to, if all else fails. If you don't keep the new drive in a similar configuration to old one you may not be able to use the recovery disc. As it is windows activation may require you to re-activate the OS.(ie you have to convince MS it's a machine upgrade not a theft)

  Technotiger 21:32 17 Apr 2009

Your easiest option by far is to use Acronis True Image, to make a Clone of your hard drive to another larger hard drive, preferably in a USB Enclosure. This does not take long and will make an exact copy of absolutely everything to the new larger drive. It will then be a simple matter to physically replace the drives. You could then keep the old drive as a slave, or put it in the Enclosure as a very useful external USB drive.

This is exactly the whole point of the Acronis Clone option.

I have done it myself on more than one occasion, definitely the way to go.

  phono 22:14 17 Apr 2009

Technotiger is correct, I have also used Acronis to clone hard drives several times now.

It does not matter that the new drive will be bigger, this will be taken care of by the cloning process which will offer various options, unallocated partitions and even hidden recovery partitions will be cloned to the new drive.

  lotvic 23:35 17 Apr 2009

After a bit of research I found that Acer uses ERecovery for restoring and imaging. If you have this on your pc you could use it. Although it seems to lack the clone facility it is very similar to Acronis.
According to the instructions for using ERecovery click here there are several options for making a complete restore CD/DVD, a backup image to D:\ partition or an image to HDD for restoring or putting image onto a new HDD.

It would be a good idea to print the guide out - 17 pages - with screenshots to make it easy.

You could then try it out by making the full image backup on CD/DVD's and then take out your original HDD, put in your new HDD and install from the backup CD/DVD's.
If it doesn't work or you mess it up it won't matter much because you will still have your original HDD that you can put back in.

another useful link - index page of guides click here

Also found click here
"ACER T180 Clean install/Repair with Anytime Upgrade CD- bootable"
apparently the Anytime Upgrade CD is a full Vista OS - did you get this CD with your Acer?

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