Update Firmware for LG CD-RW CED-8083B Drive.

  spud2 19:11 11 Jan 2004

I read an article in a computer magazine about updating the firmware of my cd-rw drive to increase it's speed from 4x4x32 to 8x4x32. I have tracked down the firmware up and some instructions on how to use the update. The instructions refer to a Hex editor to edit the code and then I can flash the drive.
Can anyone recommend a good hex editor and if possible instructions on how to flash the drive.

  Chegs ® 20:09 11 Jan 2004

I used this hex editor click here to add the relevant details to the firmware d/l.I did this a couple of years ago,so full details of the operation are hazy,I was using 98se in DOS mode and had the firmware and flash utility on a floppy.I only remember reading several posts from others who had flashed their drive and were subsequently having problems.I had/have no probs with the drive I did,as its still in use on my daughters pc.

  spud2 22:52 12 Jan 2004

Thanks for the information regarding the Hex editor Chegs. I will be able to update the Firmware but where would I get the Flash utility as I got no floppy disk or cd from Lg with the drive.

  Chegs ® 09:16 13 Jan 2004

I seem to think the flash utility was d/l from the same site I got the firmware from.Try having a look round on LG site for one.Sorry I cannot offer better assistance.

  Chegs ® 09:21 13 Jan 2004

click here

D/L the flash utility from here.

  Stuartli 10:02 13 Jan 2004

But beware that if it goes wrong your drive is likely to be useless.

  spud2 20:04 13 Jan 2004

Thanks Chegs for the information regarding the flash utility which I have downloaded. The magazine that I read the article in states that the firmware can be upgraded to the same firmware in the 8080B drive which has a speed of 8x4x32. I will read all the information again and if I am sure that flashing the drive will work I will flash the drive. I will let you know if it works. Thanks for the warning Stuartli.

  Chegs ® 20:45 13 Jan 2004

I was due to upgrade my CD-RW anyway,I was using the same drive as yourself.It worked for me,but as Stuartli said,it could go wrong,even with correct flashing.I have had a sort thru my puter papers looking for the website where I got the info for the LG drive,but it appears to be elsewhere (hiding in a cupboard)It saved me the cost of upgrading the drive(then)and it was in regular use up until end of last summer.It only gets occasional use by my daughter(aged 7)to save her "MS Paint",etc pics to an old CD/RW that refuses to work in my 52x CD-RW,probably due to its insistence on quality,high-speed media. :-)

Good luck.

  spud2 21:08 13 Jan 2004

Thanks again for the advice and I hope to be able to flash the drive at the weekend all going well I will have an faster drive.

  Chegs ® 21:10 13 Jan 2004

Found it click here I used these pages to flash my drive.I remembered a bit more,using the Hex Editor took a little trial and error,but once sussed,editing the relevant bit(took awhile looking thru hundreds of boxes for the GLC -DWRC DE8-80B0 string) of BIN file was pretty straightforward.Then put BIN file and flash utility onto floppy,boot into DOS,get to A:/ prompt,and type the relevant intructions.I think it asks if you want to backup the old firmware,which I did (incase it didn't work and I could reflash with the old BIN file)

  spud2 21:34 14 Jan 2004

I got the information from the site you hyperlinked in your last message I was unable to download the firmware for both drives from the website as the links to the firmware site did not work. I will try again later.

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