Update Dreamweaver site - I'm a newbie!

  BexLam 14:41 11 Jul 2006


Basically, I have just started to make a website in Dreamweaver MX for University, and chose to create one around the residential school my mum works for. Turns out they needed a website, and so would like to use mine.

However, my problem is updating the site. I've put the original one on already, but they would like to change certian images and add more information on a reguar basis. SO my question is how do i update or change the pages that are already on?

click here is the website as it stands (simple but to the point!). I just wondered if i simply change the page, save it, and PUT the file again? Will this replace the existing one??

Anyone help will be much appreciated!

It's all for the kids!


  mco 16:48 11 Jul 2006

I'm a DW newbie too, but I can't see a problem with your updating the pages.If you've put the original one on and you retain it on your pc and you've got the ftp details, then you just change the info on your page (but not the page name) and upload just that page - then it should be fine.

  v6tas 10:20 14 Jul 2006

Updating the site wont be a problem you just save the changes in DW then upload to the host server and the page is instantly changed but it depends on how often they want the site updated. This could become a pain so you may want to consider redesigning the site using Adobe contribute which will allow other specified users to update the site which will leave your hands free to do other things !.

  BexLam 10:47 16 Jul 2006

Thank you everybody,

It seems fine now so I don't know why it was down. Anyway, I took your advice and basically changed it and uploaded the new information and it worked a treat!!

Thanks for everyone's help!


  Forum Editor 11:09 16 Jul 2006

For a beginner you've made an excellent job of the school site. It does exactly what a web site should do - it communicates information in an easily-accessed and clearly-worded way.

If I had one tiny nitpick it would be the text - the point size is too big. Have you tried it in 10pt Verdana?

Otherwise it's a great little site, and I hope the school is pleased with it - they should be.

  BexLam 11:14 16 Jul 2006

Thankyou vey much!

I will put it to the head, I suggested that when i showed her, but she seemed to think it was fine how it was, but yes i take the point, it would avoid a lot of scrolling!



  mco 11:51 16 Jul 2006

I'm in education too, and I also like the fact your site is simple and to the point. If I also may 'nitpick' a tiny bit: you've typed 'achievements' as 'ei' instead of 'ie' and on the school page: 'governors' with 'e' instead of 'o' (although on the page listing the governors, it's correct.)

  BexLam 23:02 18 Jul 2006

Good thing I only made the website and have no affiliation to actually teaching as I can't spell!!

Haha, thanks though, you don't always spot it when you look at it for so long!

Thanks again

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