update dell graphics

  great dog 19:36 10 May 2006

I have a one year old dell dimension 3000 with intel intergrated graphics,i only have pci slots ,can i upgrade my graphics with a pci card,if so whats the best and still available,and is it easy to do.

  Totally-braindead 19:40 10 May 2006

Its reasonably easy to do but there are very few PCI cards out there and to be honest it depends on what you expect. If you want to play a game say, something really new then I'm afraid its a waste of time. If you want to play some of the older games then thats a different story. click here and click here are about it.

  Curio 19:52 10 May 2006

I upgraded my PCI 64 meg Graphics card to 128meg about 18 months ago. PC is a Dell Dimension 4550. I therefore have a spare 64 meg card doing nothing. If you want it email me using the yellow envelope and I will pass it along.

  Totally-braindead 19:59 10 May 2006

Aren't there some nice people on this Forum.

  Curio 10:00 11 May 2006

I should have checked the card before offering it. Regret found out of its anti-static bag on floor of cupboard damaged and unuseable. Sorry about that.

  great dog 12:41 11 May 2006

if i fit a pci card will i have to alter the onboard bias ,or should it just plug and play.

  ed-0 12:48 11 May 2006

usually you can just plug them in, load the drivers and away you go.

Options that may put a fly in the ointment are

you may have to disable in the bios

the motherboard may have a jumper

you may have to disable via device manager

this may help. download cpu-z click here
to get your motherboard details. the bios and jumpers of your machine can then be checked.

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