update causing shutdown

  chiquita 21:53 24 Jan 2005

If I am reading a Web page with a large content or a long e-mail is coming through when my McAfee sends an update, it causes my laptop to shut down. it then starts up in safe mode, but as I am on dial up I never know if the update has completed. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has experienced this problem and can advise. Thanks. Harry. The gear is Win 98 Se in a Gateway Solo 2150.

  Technotiger 22:26 24 Jan 2005

Hi, this is a total stab-in-the-dark as I am not too familiar with laptops and don't use McAfee, but - are you sure it is the McAfee update giving you the problem or could it possibly be your Screen-saver jumping in?

Just a thought. Forgive me if it is rubbish.


  chiquita 21:25 25 Jan 2005

Technotiger, Thanks for your response, apologies for not coming back sooner, don't get much spare time!
I have disabled the screen saver which, with the anti virus was stopping me from being able to defrag. The problem is not life threatening, more of a nuisance but it looks like i will have to live with it as you were the only enthusiast to respond. My thread is a long way down the list now so I hope you find my response, thanks again,
Chiquita ( got this name off a bunch of bananas!! Cheers!

  igk 21:37 25 Jan 2005

chiquita, As you are on dial up I would suggest that you reconfigure McAfee not to update automatically,if you do this correctly it will still tell you when there is an update by a small balloon just above your taskbar(over your clock)I'm pretty sure that is where your problem lies,also you should close down as much as you can before defragging otherwise it could go on for hours as other processes will keep interupting it,if you are not clear about altering McAfee get back here and I will talk you through it.Hope this helps.

  Technotiger 21:46 25 Jan 2005

Hi, me again - don't worry about your Post being a long way down the list - when a new response is added it will automatically go back up to the top again. We all go a bit 'bananas' now and then anyway ....... lol


  smy13 22:30 25 Jan 2005

Did you get anywhere with this as I seem to be having a similar issue please see attached link
click here
I've been on to McAfee but they are as much help as a chocolate fire Guard. or I'm too thick to make them understand the issue

  chiquita 19:00 26 Jan 2005

Thanks to all the ideas and igk, if you are about I would like you to explain a bit more of your idea to reconfigure McAfee, to see what that does.

  wee eddie 20:01 26 Jan 2005

What speed is your Modem?

Before you do anything else - keep McAfee up to date.

Log on to McAfee's updater and if there's anything to collect. Go make some tea.

Then run a Virus Scan. In my old age I am becoming paranoiac and the desire not to update touches all the wrong spots!

  chiquita 21:31 26 Jan 2005

Wee eddie and others, I have taken advice from igk and while waiting for him to come on line, did the following. Clicked on the McAfee security icon on the desktop and found when the screen opened that it is possible to reconfigure so that you can choose whether you want downloads automatically, if you want them to notify you or if you want to ask for downloads yourself. I have chosen the third way and am sure that will cure the problem as I can look for an update as soon as I go on line and before opening Google.
The existing protection will still be in place.
Thanks to everyone who offered help, Cheers H.

  igk 20:53 27 Jan 2005

Sorry just seen this (been away)read your recofig of McAfee and that's correct,I think you will find things ok now.

  chiquita 21:33 05 Feb 2005


Thanks for coming back, hope you had a good trip. The problem has been overcome by using your suggestion. Never cease to be amazed at the things you can do if you know how!! Thanks again H.

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