Update bios in XP

  behrouzn 23:44 02 May 2003

I have an MSI ms-6183 motherboard and I want to upgrade the bios, as the bios seems to be really old and lacking features such as overclocking!

I have heard that upgrading the bios in Xp is different to other OS's, so I was wondering if some1 could give me some advice - maybe?

  VoG™ 23:48 02 May 2003

Yes, unless you are really sure of what you are wanting to do - don't. If you mess this up (easily done) your 'puter won't boot.

  powerless 23:53 02 May 2003

No different to XP than any other OS.

BIOS upgrades can be done via windows or using some floppies.

  hugh-265156 23:59 02 May 2003

will not give you extra features for overclocking if you have an oem computer chances are that you wont have many tweaks to play with and your stuck with it.only upgrade the bios if your installing new hardware such as processor that your current bios does not support.also see click here

  DieSse 00:06 03 May 2003

For your information - this is the page with BIOS updates on for your board.click here

Note1 - You need to know what make of BIOS and what the current revision is, to see if there are any updates. Then you need to see what the update does, and whether you have the problem it fixes.

Note2 - None of them mention support for overclocking.

Note3 - The BIOS has nothing whatsoever to do with the operating system - it's just something on the board, and what OS you run is irrelevant (unless the update is to fix a problem with a particular OS)

Note4 - As above, you need to be very sure what you are doing, and it needs to be important that you do it - otherwise DON'T

What processor do you currently have in this board? What else do you have in your system? - presumably you are wanting to make it faster? - If so tell us what you have, and you will probably get some good suggestions.

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