update bios

  Garthyy 13:17 21 Oct 2010

I have had my pc for over2 years now and wonder if I need to update the bios? I will shortly be installing A new hdd and windows7 - never done that before either - any help very appreciated.

  onthelimit 13:21 21 Oct 2010

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Playing with the BIOS is not for the faint hearted, and you could end up with an expensove doorstop.

However, if the manufacturer recommends an upgrade before installing W7, then go ahead - the crucial thing is to have no break in power supply while the BIOS is being flashed.

  gengiscant 13:27 21 Oct 2010

As to whether you need to update the bios is a tricky question.
First of all you will need to know your motherboard and what version BIOS you have.
This program will supply that info:click here the free version is all you need.

Once you have the info then you can go to the mobo's makes website and see if there is an update and what the update is offering before deciding if you need to update or not.
Modern motherboards make flashing the BIOS a simple operation these days but older boards it can be a little more tricky and cause a lot of problems.
Come back when you have the mobo and BIOS version.

  Garthyy 13:28 21 Oct 2010

No one recommended updating the bios, windows update tool didnt mention it either, just thought it might help - but aprehensive about doing it. ASUS do an easy flash program through windows but I am unsure.

  gengiscant 13:32 21 Oct 2010

Asus update is what I use and have not had any problems, but I refer you to my earlier post.

  GaT7 13:35 21 Oct 2010

"ASUS do an easy flash program through windows but I am unsure."

Wouldn't recommend it at all as it's the one which is more likely to go wrong.

"....and you could end up with an expensove doorstop."

If the motherboard has one of those easily removable BIOS chips, then it's about £10 to get a replacement. G

  Garthyy 13:35 21 Oct 2010

Info on my motherboard,

it is an ASUS striker II nse

Property Value
BIOS Vendor Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Serial Number Syst-em-
BIOS Date 04/02/2008
BIOS Size 1024 KB
BIOS Starting Segment E000h
DMI Version 2.4

Thank you for your help.

  GaT7 13:42 21 Oct 2010

Your present BIOS version is 0406.

This is your board at Asus click here

Click on the Download tab in the above link & you should be able access & download the latest BIOS which is 0901 by the looks of it. Unzip the download.

Use Asus' inbuilt EZFlash procedure to update it with these instructions click here - you can use a USB flash drive to do it. G

  gengiscant 14:03 21 Oct 2010

Or you can do it through windows using the Asus update tool, far easier.

  Garthyy 14:04 21 Oct 2010

Thank you all for your help. Still very unsure wether to do it as I cant afford to mess up - not helped by asus warning to only do it if necessary. I suppose I wont notice any difference if I do flash.

  GaT7 14:09 21 Oct 2010

Excellent & detailed BIOS update guide using EZFlash at the Asus forums click here.

As I said before, it's safer doing it this way than using the Asus update tool in Windows.

I've updated a motherboard BIOS about 25 times without a single failure. If you follow the instructions carefully it's difficult not to get right. G

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