Unwitting partition

  Epirb406 22:51 03 Mar 2003

Hi, some of you may have seen my last post about a trashed OS and associated woes.

I am now back up and running but when I came to reinstall all my programs I ran out of disk space before I was nearly done!

On inspection it seems that Win ME has created itself a partition of 2 Gb and installed there, how can I get the other 4 Gigs of hard drive back?

Many thanks for any pointers, Epirb.

  tps 17:33 04 Mar 2003

backup any files and restart your pc in msdos and use the fdisk utility when inside press option3 del partitions and press option 1 del primary dos partiton prees esc as instructed now recreate the partition by pressing option 1 and option 1 again and use the maximum amount for the partition and you should now have no problems when you reinstall ME.

  Epirb406 22:41 06 Mar 2003

tps, thanks for the response, been awy for a while trying it!

Probs, win ME offers no dos promt on start up. So:

uninstalled windows, installed dos, ran fdisk, got confirmation of 6 gb. Reinstalled win ME. Same problem, only 2 Gb recognised.

Any more tips? Anyone else?

Thanks in advance for help, someone must be able to help me out of this PC hell!!


  Epirb406 08:13 07 Mar 2003


  Tesman 10:00 07 Mar 2003

I'm not sure what you mean when you say you "installed" dos - you should be running fdisk from a startup floppy. I would suggest that you either create one or download one from here:

click here

Set your bios to boot from floppy if it isn't already, choose "Start computer without CD-ROM Support", and type fdisk at the A:\ prompt. From then on, it's as tps said.
Forgive me if I'm teaching you to suck eggs, but I can't locate your previous posting!

  Epirb406 16:07 08 Mar 2003

Problem solved thanks guys, a bit of further reading and careful inspection of your respective advice hit the spot.

I went for it with out a beer in my hand on a Saturday morning, also a better route to success than after the babies in bed of an evening!

No suggestion you were teaching egg sucking, I sometimes wish I could forget what I do know so I wouldn't intefere in things I don't understand!

Thanks for the help Guys, Epirb.

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