Unwelcome Gmail in Thunderbird 3.0.3

  cowgirl66 11:21 05 Mar 2010

I have just set up Thunderbird again in new Windows 7 installation only to find it's downloading all my (obsolete) Gmail Sent and Draft emails, hundreds of them.

I can't find anywhere how to get back to having just Thunderbird for my email client. It's not mentioned anywhere in my Accounts. Has anyone else had this problem? If I can't use just Thunderbird then I will have to go to Windows Mail, not a thing I want to do.

Regards cowgirl66

  mimosa418 11:37 05 Mar 2010

Did you upgrade to Win7 or do a clean installation.
An upgrade would carry forward al the settings and instalations from your previous set up.
If so you willhave to remove whatever mail clients you have and then instal Thunderbird.

  cowgirl66 11:50 05 Mar 2010

I did a clean installation. I never had Gmail in my Thunderbird in Vista, I never even had to remove it; it simply was installed with Gmail in it. And like I say, I can't find Gmail as another email client anywhere in the Thunderbird settings/accounts.

  cowgirl66 11:52 05 Mar 2010

correction to reply to you, mimosa;

"it simply WASN'T installed with Gmail in it".

  cowgirl66 11:54 05 Mar 2010

Thunderbird is in the process of downloading somewehre in the region of 800 Gmail emails, so I came out of it.

  cowgirl66 17:13 05 Mar 2010

I am at my wits end with this one. I have tried to manually install Thunderbird, and having finally got the server settings correct in order to send/receive emails, the wretched Gmail folder is there in the left hand folders pane. Now it is downloading somwhere in the region of 1000 emails.

Where are they all coming from? This is crazy.

  cowgirl66 08:24 06 Mar 2010

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; yes Octal I have deleted the Profile folder a couple of times but each time I create a new profile I get the same trouble. Sorry to disappoint you on that one.

Marge7, where do I go in Thunderbird to 'leave messages on server'? Also what worried me is that if I'm getting spam in my gmail account it will also be coming into my Thunderbird account.

I have installed Windows Live Mail in the meantime. I just think it's a pity that Mozilla haven't given us a choice as to whether to combine these two accounts on one server.I don't use Thunderbird other than for private use.

Regards, cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 08:26 08 Mar 2010

Thank you everybody for the help you have given me on this matter. I followed all the different ways as suggested as to remove Gmail.

In the end it was a suggestion by Octal which did the best job. I found an old Gmail account (empty of all old emails) and removed this account from the Google website.

Now no more emails are coming through except those sent to me through Thunderbird. The two Gmail folders which existed, Sent and Trash and Starred, only the Starred remains. The Gmail account will be permanantly removed within 3 working days which tempts me to install Thunderbird over again, but I think now that I'm happy with it I'll leave well alone!

Regards, cowgirl66

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