Unwanted "you've got company & door slamming"

  bertmyster 18:42 21 Sep 2004

Occasionlly whilst on line a female voice states " You've got company" usually followed shortly afterwards by the sound of a door closing. Is there any way I can stop this?

My system,

ME, AOL, McAfee Firewall & Virus scan installed.


  Jakey boy 18:48 21 Sep 2004

....running a spyware/adware program like spybot or AdAware. I use PestPatrol myself, but the others are available free. Use Google to search. Sounds like chatroom/porn site spyware to me.

  jimv7 18:56 21 Sep 2004

Turn aol off lol

  rmriph 19:01 21 Sep 2004

Yes it sound like AOL, try going into windows media player find the AOL voices then delete

  Djohn 19:23 21 Sep 2004

Its AOL's instant messenger application. It will alert you when someone you know has come on-line then you can chat to them while carrying on with other PC work.

It should appear as a separate small window, usually on the left of your screen and you can have a chat with each other in real-time. The door slamming is the sound given when they go back off-line again. ;o)

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