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  Digital 14:47 23 Jul 2007

I run XP SP2. At every Startup one of the folders on my desktop has started to open as a toolbar across the top. If I right click on the toolbar & then click on Toolbars I find that the folder name is checked. If I uncheck it the toolbar disappears but at the next Startup it's checked again & appears as a toolbar. I did uncheck the folder & then made a Restore point but when I restored to that the folder still opened as a toolbar. Any ideas how I can stop the folder opening as a toolbar?

  Trackrat 16:04 23 Jul 2007

What toolbar are you talking about?.
If it has an entry in add & remove programs, uninstall it.
If there is no entry, Start / Run / in box type msconfig / select startup / and disable the link to that toolbar / then reboot your computer.

  Coff 19:30 23 Jul 2007

On your desktop, if you drag a folder right to the top of the screen and release it you'll create a toolbar for that folder. I sometimes do it by accident when I'm dragging a folder to the recycle bin at the top of the screen - and miss. Right clicking and unchecking it should get rid of it for good but, in your case it obviously doesn't.

After removing the toolbar you could try the registry fix on line 30 (left hand side) at Kelly's corner click here (Windows XP Doesn't Save User Settings). Read the blurb at the top of the page and make a restore point first.

Another possibility, would be to copy the folder to another location and delete it from the desktop whilst the toolbar is showing - the toolbar should disappear. Then reboot. I've just tried it with a folder and the toolbar didn't reappear when I copied the folder back to the desktop.

Wait for a bit to see if anyone else has a suggestion.

  mfletch 19:46 23 Jul 2007

Hi if the above does not work I would run a good Antispyware program,

Try this FREE one first delete all temp Internet files and all Cookies,

click here

hope this helps you,


  Digital 16:36 24 Jul 2007

Thank you all. I was going to try your idea of moving the folder Coff so I restarted my PC & guess what? No toolbar appeared & it hasn't reappeared since! I guess your idea frightened the bug away. I'll keep a note of the ideas in case it recurs anyway but I'm glad to be rid of it. There wasn't anything relevant in msconfig Trackrat but it was worth looking. I do run Spy Sweeper along with Windows Defender, AVG & ZA
mfletch, I hope they'll keep most nasties out!

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