unwanted smiley faces

  jonnyg111 12:52 27 May 2010

I'm working in Windows Live Mail with Windows 7, and whenever I type (x) in to an email (which is a lot as I am a mathematician!) it is replaced by a smiley face. How do I get rid of this feature please? (I really hate smiley faces(!))

Thank you,


  onthelimit 14:01 27 May 2010

Seems there is no way other than CtrZ after it appears !click here

  mgmcc 14:05 27 May 2010

When you type (X) it turns into a smiley (emoticon). If you then type Ctrl+Z the emoticon is undone, leaving you with the X within brackets.

  jonnyg111 15:05 27 May 2010

Thank you, onthelimit and mgmcc, this works fine. Quite incredible that this is the the default. That's about 100 needless key presses a week for me!


  onthelimit 15:45 27 May 2010

Happily, not a problem with Outlook .....yet!

  BT 17:26 27 May 2010

will put one in ?

  BT 17:26 27 May 2010

but not in here.

  morddwyd 07:08 28 May 2010

Do you really expect us to believe that the reason you type "x"s in an e-mail is because you're a mathematician? lol!

  Sea Urchin 14:18 28 May 2010

As a mathematician how often do you need to type (x) - or any other letter in brackets - on its own? I can believe you might type (x+y) or (a+b-c) etc. but these of course will not be converted to smileys.

  jonnyg111 18:21 28 May 2010

The conjecture is false for polynomials over F_p[x] generally, but counter-examples seem (after only limited checking) to be of the form:

( f(x ), g(x ), k_1(x )), (f(x ), h(x ), k_2(x )), (g(x ), h(x ), k_3(x ))

In other words there is a triplet of polynomials f, g, h, where

  Sea Urchin 18:52 28 May 2010

Yes, I can see that would be a problem :@)

Unfortunately as stated above Ctrl Z is the only way to suppress it.

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