Unwanted Sex Sites

  Siani 09:37 02 May 2005

Thanks to your help last week, I have downloaded Spyware doctor, a squared, microsoft antispyware, Spybot, Spyware blaster, Ad aware and Clean up. I am still left with the worst of the sex sites coming up at least once a day - Sex8teen which comes up with about 15 pictures of explicit sex acts plus passion .com and oldgames/ Can anyone please, please help me get rid of these ones.

  bosmere 09:43 02 May 2005

Siani I haven't seen your original post, but have you cleared out your cookies?

"the worst of the sex sites coming up at least once a day" - do you mean that they activate at random?

  VoG II 09:45 02 May 2005

Turn off System Restore click here and scan again.

Also try CWShredder click here

  rawprawn 09:46 02 May 2005

Have you run your scans in safe mode ? if not do so and turn system restore off before you do (Tap F8 on boot for safe mode) Also before you start go to Start/Search and search for the programs you want rid of and delete them then scan in safe mode.

  Siani 12:35 02 May 2005

Now that I've got electricity back on I'll try it but how do you do safe mode? I held down F8 till computer came on but it looked the same. Is that what I was supposed to do. Yes I have deleted cookies and now have prompt for dumping cookies on me but get more than 50 requests a day. The sex sites come up when I click on explorer. Am I going to have to change my e.mail address and maybe reformat computer? This is doing my head in.

  VoG II 12:37 02 May 2005

Safe Mode click here

  rawprawn 15:41 02 May 2005

You keep tapping F8 don't hold it down, and don't worry that your screen looks strange it is OK. Also your screen will be black with white writing when it is loading, this can take some time. I have added this to VoG's link because I feel you may not have used safe mode before and it can be a bit off putting.

  Buchan 35 21:27 02 May 2005

On behalf of a friend of mine, thanks for the info.
He was visited by `somebody` recently who left some porn on his PC and he has two lovely daughters. We both know who this person is and are taking seperate action. Again Thanks

  rawprawn 21:40 02 May 2005

Did you manage to clear it for him? I am sure you would know how.

  p;3 21:40 02 May 2005

does you comment above relate to this thread or another one?

  Siani 22:28 02 May 2005

Can you further tell me, if all this preventative software stops these sites coming up, will they eventually give up. Because at the moment I have one of the boxes popping up with a notification of a trojan or adult dialler, etc, everytime I try to do something. Do they have something planted on my computer or do they send it to me? Thanks.

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