Unwanted Search Engine on my Homepage

  Phoenix40 21:25 26 Sep 2013

Hello ive just noticed after starting up my computer when i open my internet homepage instead of having my original homepage of my internet provider i have some sort of internet browser called Delta Home which i have never downloaded. At the moment each time i try to change it back to my original homepage on my internet it keeps coming back. I have tried system restore and that doesnt work. It mentions how to delete it by using internet tools and that doesnt work. I have wins Vistas. Is this some sort of virus thats got onto my computer? I havent noticed anything unusual before. I use MSEssentials on my computer and i have done a scan but it hasnt showed up anything. So can anyone help me with this thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:57 26 Sep 2013
  BRYNIT 22:10 26 Sep 2013

Delta is not a virus

Have you installed a free program recently? Did you select quick install?

If yes you installed it yourself. Most free programs come with extras always select advanced installation this allows you to deselect these extra programs.

This should help you remove Delta Click here

  lotvic 22:27 26 Sep 2013

Fruit Bat /\0/\'s proper link click here

  Phoenix40 22:30 26 Sep 2013

Hello thanks for your reply the only thing i reinstalled was my free winzip 7.2 i think its called but i never had this before i think it just has AVG on it which i unclick. The other thing was the drivers from Samsung for my mobile phone to download my photos and videos and i tried to make sure there wasnt anything on it. Also there was a update for my mobile phone which i downloaded on the phone so im unaware if there was anything else downloaded but i noticed on my temporary file something a folder called Binary which i was unable to get rid of for awhile which when opened had a subfolder with my phone model then some more subfolders with XX on one. I manage to delete them manually in the end. But this Delta Home search engine has taken up my whole homepage. In my manage add ons theres something called Babylon search engine underneath Google and Bing does that mean anything? I see what i can do thanks and let you know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:38 26 Sep 2013

Babylon also really needs to go as well.

When ever you install anything always pick the advanced option to give you a chance not to insrall the packaged crap that comes with many downloads.

  Phoenix40 22:58 26 Sep 2013

Hello thanks for your replies. Yes i usually keep an eye out for any add on when i download anything but i havent downloaded anything today thats the mystery; my homepage was alright until a few hours ago. I use internet explorer 9. I have opened up my control panel but i cant find anything to do with uninstalling a progam only when i open up my computer panel and i cant find anything there? Someone im in contact with thinks its a browser thats hijack my homepage site is that right? I have removed it from my manage add ons earlier but its still here.Should i download a malware thing mentioned on the site by Fruit bat the trouble is there are so many things one should do it looks rather complicated. At least once ive dealt with this sort of thing i will know what to do next time. Thanks for any more advice.

  john bunyan 23:23 26 Sep 2013

I would download and run Malawarebytes : see Download. Another good one is Superantispyware. See : Superantispyware. The .first is very good at spotting PUP's (Potentially Unwanted Programmes) and other unwanted stuff

  Phoenix40 23:59 27 Sep 2013

Hello i was trying to post yesterday that with Bryint's advice i downloaded those two anti malware software and they manage to get rid of the hijack search engine. But for some reason i dont know if this was coincidence but i was unable to use my keyboard anymore. I disconnected it then reconnected but it still wouldnt work; it used the old type of connection P2 or something you call it. So ive had to get a new keyboard with a USB connection and now i can write again. So thanks for all your help and will keep those antivirus software for the future.

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