Unwanted Registry Entries

  osben 12:02 13 Feb 2005


I ran a different Spyware programme yesterday ( SPYSUBTRACT) and it found a "Minor" problem in my registry none of the other spyware programmes I have found it!!

[[ HKCU\software\microsoft\windows\current version\internet settings\zone map\domains\search squire.com ]]

When I went into the registry to look at the line, I noticed not just this one but hundreds of .com domains. Most of them very definitely not sites I have ever loged onto.

I run AVG antivirus - Sygate Firewall - AdWatch Monitor - SpyWare Blaster and daily clean with AdAware SE pro and SpyBot Search as well as the antivirus programme.

The entry I went into the registry initially for was for the Search Squire.com line as refered to above.

Can anyone tell me:

Why all these entries have got into the registry in the first place?

Can I safetly, without messing up anything, delete the whole [[Domain]] directory in the registry and if so how do I delete them on block as it lookes as if I have to delete them one at a time which will take a very long time?

Would appreciate any help.


  JIM 12:08 13 Feb 2005

Search Squire.com plus etc are there with others to stop the originals if planted.Others you see including poss (sex etc for the same reason)

Search Squire.com is to be kept,and was picked up as a false positive.other names used by spybot s&d etc.

Hundreds poss thousands in registry,no problem.

  osben 12:20 13 Feb 2005

Hi Jim

  john-232317 12:20 13 Feb 2005

Cheers mate, handy bit of info. I wondered what all the naughty sites were that flashed past as i check for problems ;-))

  JIM 12:27 13 Feb 2005

Yes you have to becarefull when you use a program for detecting if you have to pay for it later.

If using A-aware se ,spybot,a2 squared etc.etc. there are no end of entries that would make your hair stand up.

But they are there for a purpose.


  osben 12:27 13 Feb 2005

Hi Jim

Sorry about that, pressed the wrong button.

Thanks for comming back to me so quickly.

So, if all these entries are to be kept in the registry and SPYSUBTRACT threw this one line up for deletion, (why not the rest) it seems to me that it cannot be trusted. Would you agree?

I would have deleted the "Search Squire.com entry and would not then have been protected against it. Is that correct?

So after time, will the registry expand to such a large extent that it must shurley slow the system down

Still you have put my mind at rest. I thought my computer had been hijacked.

  JIM 12:43 13 Feb 2005

some programs like you use concentrate on certain entries,with as i describe as false positive.The entries are there,intended.You would soon no if you really had problems.

Your SpyWare Blaster and others are more reliable and dont charge for the use of.Remember we are all using protection sofware simlar and many programs.They were not required a few years ago.---------A right pain in the bum now.

"I would have deleted the "Search Squire.com entry and would not then have been protected against it"

Is correct.

  osben 13:18 13 Feb 2005

Cheers Jim

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 13 Feb 2005

Spywareblaster click here running in the background stopping most spyware being installed and MSoftAntispy Beta click here to catch anything that does get by.

MS will give ou a false positive for squire just ignore it.

  1514 15:35 13 Feb 2005

You could have a read here.
click here

The other day I downloaded and installed "SPY FERRET" it immediatly picked up a "naughty" on my system which "Spy Bot" and "MS anti spyware" had not. I then went to buy it but on seeing the price, I changed my mind and told it to delete. It then asked me why I was deleting and gave me three choices, one of which was "Too Expensive" and I ticked that one. It then offered it at half price and so I had my suspicions and went to my "Click here". "Spy Ferret" should be ignored!!!

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