Unwanted Programs Downloaded

  scribble 21:54 02 Mar 2003

A friend of mines eldest teenage son whilst left alone with his parents PC visited a couple of sites "reccomened" by a friend from school. Now things get a bit complicated from here as the sites he visited were in Polish and to view them further you needed to download "*******.EXE" file onto your PC. He now has a program which is un-viewable via Win98 Add/Remove programs and thus un-removable and when he has attempted to delete it with a sledgehammer (delete via explorer) it has proved resistant to this. He's running Win 98 with no firewall and out of date AV, thats his problem but has anyone got any ideas how to remove this garbage from his PC?

  Shanks69 22:05 02 Mar 2003

WinDelete or Quarterdeck or other similar progs might remove it, unless it's malicious and has introduced viruses, trojans etc.

  AndySD 22:08 02 Mar 2003

click here may well deal with it.... but also chechin Dial up Networking (In thee control panel) for any new entriess as this may have been a Dialer to a premium rate numder.

  Shanks69 22:18 02 Mar 2003

also check the phone bill quickly.

  Belatucadrus 22:49 02 Mar 2003

"*******.EXE" could just be the Microsoft "Polish Menus and Dialogs for Internet Explorer 6, Download size: 1.6 MB. In which case all is not lost, as it's quite harmless. But in case it isn't here are a few links to some useful freeware :-

click here Uninstall it.

click here avast4 antivirus.

click here Kerio2 personal firewall.

click here Ad-aware 6 spyware & cookie cleaner.

  urban gorilla 22:50 02 Mar 2003

does an icon for this program appear in your task bar? if it does look in your start up menu.
look for a file you don't recognise or disable them one by one and see if that works.
it could be a file name sysR C:\WINDOWS\sysmd.exe m.

  Gaz 25 23:59 02 Mar 2003

To remove, the only thing you can do is this:

What sites were they?

My help me a little.

But anyway here....

Go to Start > Run > Type: msconfig > then untick anything that you do not want such as dialer.exe or ******.exe do not disable microsoft certified programs though or problems will arise.

Then go into regsitry (Start > Run > Type: regedit )and do a search for the blighter, by going into Edit menu > Find and search for the website or Dialer, etc....

Then go into Search and delete everything to do with that program, and use a shreder such as the one in Spybot Search and Destroy at click here then just drag all the files into the shreder.

The thing should have gone.

Hope it works.


  britianicus 13:35 03 Mar 2003

Thanks very much for your help he will try these suggestions tonight I did suggest to him that had not had kids then this would never have arisen but for some reason it fell on deaf ears. Thanks as always to the people on the pcadvbisor board. Keep well.


  King Diamond 13:48 03 Mar 2003

I would tell your friend as well to set parental controls in the security tab. The each time the kids want to go to a site, then he would have to clear it with his password.

I would use the search facility and search for that file, it should show you exactly were it is. Take note of the directory and go to that folder and physically remove it yourself.

GAZ 25...does msconfig work with WIN98?

  britianicus 21:04 03 Mar 2003

My friend followed Gaz 25's instructions and hey presto the little nasty has gone away. Thanks very much for all the help

  Gaz 25 21:10 03 Mar 2003

Glad your friend is all sorted.

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