unwanted programmes and constant popups for advertisement

  Valli1 22:31 05 Jul 2014

I have a Dell Inspiron Windows 7 laptop and the last six to eight months it has been deluged with adverts popping up, programmes asking me to add them and it has now got to the point where I can barely be bothered to put it on. There is a list of Programmes but I have no idea of whether I need them, should I delete them, are they supposed to be there etc. I did not have this trouble before earlier than about eight or maybe nine months ago. I could have clicked on something I shouldn't. I do not know. I cannot find the original disc. I use this laptop basically for email, facebook, ancestry, photographs and general web browsing of catalogues etc. I am disabled so cannot go shopping off the bat so rely on catalogues. Also have my Bank Details on here. Can ANYONE help please. Since Friday (yesterday) there is no antivirus programme but there was until then. The AVG free one. Can you advise on best Antivirus programme to have? Better stop or else you will give up on me. I am NOT technical. My son suggested something and said "and then reboot" but it was double dutch to me.Oh I have Chrome but run Yahoo. Please help.

  BillSers 09:01 06 Jul 2014

Download RogueKiller. It will run its first scan, then run a scan and click all the buttons on the right panel except shortcuts.

click here will clear most of the blighters. If not post back for more removal tools.


  alanrwood 17:54 06 Jul 2014

Never heard of that one, Anyone else know it.

  BillSers 08:10 07 Jul 2014

It is. It's saved my bacon more than once.

Another browser hijack removal tool is Junkware Removal Tool equally as good click here

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