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unwanted programme "no script"

  johnnyrocker 20:20 09 Mar 2014

this appeared on my pc while i was downloading pc speed up which turned out useless, now i find i cant get rid of this no script thing, does not appear in add/remove or anywhere else please advise xp pro avg sygate firewall etc


  johnnyrocker 20:22 09 Mar 2014

i should have added the pc will not allow system restore to cure


  hiwatt 20:23 09 Mar 2014

as far as I'm aware no script is an add on.Look in your browsers add ons and see if it shows there?If so just remove it from there.If firefox go to tools/add ons if IE tools/manage add ons!

  hiwatt 20:25 09 Mar 2014

Actually it's only for firefox this add on!

  johnnyrocker 20:46 09 Mar 2014

my thanks for the swift help all now removed

thanks again


  johnnyrocker 20:49 09 Mar 2014

spoke to soon still there.


  hiwatt 20:49 09 Mar 2014

How did you remove it johnny?

  johnnyrocker 20:50 09 Mar 2014

still there

  hiwatt 20:52 09 Mar 2014

in firefox go to help and click on troubleshooting information.On the right hand side click on the "reset firefox" button.This will reset firefox to default settings and will uninstall any toolbars etc.P.s where is "No script" showing itself?

  johnnyrocker 20:59 09 Mar 2014

it was displaying at top of pic hopefully now gone


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