Unwanted popup from MS Search Protocol

  prester-john 20:13 19 Dec 2018

Why has Windows Search Protocol suddenly started thinking that I want to load Corel Address Book? I have recently been getting a popup panel: "Corel Address Book. Borland Database Engine not installed. Can't load Corel Address Book Service Provider". I do have WordPerfect 8 installed as I have many old WP files, but I have never used the (Corel) address book or database, and have no intention of doing so. When the popup appears I click on the X or the OK, but it keeps on reappearing, perhaps a dozen times. This often happens when I open MS Outlook (2007), which it causes to hang at first; but it can happen at any time.

  difarn 21:02 19 Dec 2018

The solution in this article may work for you.

click here

  prester-john 11:07 21 Dec 2018

Thank you, Difarn, for your link. As you probably realize, that was originally for Windows XP, since which Windows has done a lot of shape-shifting, so I struggled to follow the required route. Meanwhile I seem to have found another approach. Poking hopefully through various menus I arrived, by good luck/accident/instinct/prayer, at: MS Outlook (2007) > Tools > Account settings > [tab] Email > [icon] Repair. Clicking on this seems to have cleared the problem: no recurrences or unwanted side-effects detected so far (15 hours of running). If anything untoward does happen I'll post it here; otherwise - end of prob.

  prester-john 10:42 09 Jan 2019

Aaaargh! It's back, after almost three weeks away. Just after Patch Tuesday - coincidence? And it seems to have developed immunity to my previous (possible) solution. Back to searching for an answer.

  qwbos 00:21 10 Jan 2019

If it only started recently, it may be quicker reinstalling Office and WordPerfect. Microsoft stopped supporting Office 2007 around the end of 2017, so your problem can't have been caused by an update for Office.

  prester-john 21:19 15 Jan 2019

Good point, qubos, though reinstalling Office and WordPerfect has its difficulties. In fact, I never had the problem at all until I replaced my previous Outlook with a newer version, and that seemed to be what triggered it. Anyway, I may have succeeded now with the following (Windows 10, Outlook 2007): Open the Control Panel [note 1] // Click on 'User Accounts' - NB not on 'change account type' // Click on Mail (32-bit in my case). A 'Mail Setup - Outlook' panel appears // Click on 'Show Profiles' button. Two profiles were listed - 'Outlook' and 'Corel8' [note2] // Select 'Corel8', click 'Remove' button, then 'OK'. [note 1] This might get removed some time from Control Panel to Settings. [note 2] Or 'Corel..something else'. Can't check it now, of course. All is still well after the first week.

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