unwanted pictures appearing mysteriously

  shortcircuited 15:37 05 Feb 2003

Someone has just im ed me asking me to help with this problem, she is getting nude pictures appearing on the bottom of her screen then in big on the screen one at a time, possibly after logging on to aol but maybe even when not on aol she is not sure. how does she get rid of this.?
please help

  shortcircuited 15:38 05 Feb 2003

also when not on aol.............when she starts the computer

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 15:46 05 Feb 2003

She needs to stop typing in a porn website address in the IE address bar...that should sort it...lol

  Ben Avery (Work) 15:48 05 Feb 2003

Try downloading Ad-aware and doing a full scan. Also if she has access to it, has she tried a virus scan?

  shortcircuited 15:48 05 Feb 2003


  shortcircuited 15:50 05 Feb 2003

not to you, thank you i'll tell her to try it

  reaths 15:58 05 Feb 2003

you need to get rid of all the cookies, temp internet, hidden links files that were downloaded to your computer when you were logged on to the site containing the links .there are programs like windows washer etc that clean all these folders for you i have no site links but im sure there will be something like this in the download section at the pcadvisor home page .have used this on a friends computer and it did the trick.

  reaths 16:32 05 Feb 2003

further down this page is a post about ad-aware with links

  TECHNODIMWIT 16:51 05 Feb 2003

try running msconfig, in start up you should be able to locate and shutdown the offending programe.
then try going to find, type in siad progame and delete all entries for it.

  grove34 17:03 05 Feb 2003

sounds more like a trojan to me cos a friend of a friend of a friend of mine knows this bloke who has surfed the odd porn site and not 1 of em has never set my..err...sorry his desktop to show a porn picture.

  grove34 17:05 05 Feb 2003

i know ou can do wthis with sub 7 or infector 2.0

dont ask me how i know please cos i'm not gonna tell ya

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