unwanted picture on the screen

  User-005D9C23-9973-47EF-82374D99699A014E 15:32 26 Apr 2003

hi guys
just today I was surprised t see a picture of an arm on the screen when I tried to shut down the computer. I restarted and the picture appeared again before the desktop appeared.I dont know where it came from(may be from the net).Any idea how can i get rid of it please. I use windows 98

  Pesala 16:33 26 Apr 2003

Turn off active desktop. Select a different background image. Turn active desktop back on, select the image you like to use. Then reboot again. If that hasn't got rid of it, then maybe it is not armless.

  -pops- 16:41 26 Apr 2003

I wonder if this is the same phenomenon that causes the two white stripes on top of the balls in televised snooker?*

Just being uncharacteristically facetious but why an arm? Certain other parts of the anatomy I could understand. What is the arm doing?


*And how do they get the balls to always stop with the white stripe uppermost?

  Offline 16:44 26 Apr 2003

I think you are all overreacting after all there's no arm in it.

  Newuser857 16:58 26 Apr 2003

Have you tried Display- Display properties and change your desktop background. Who knows what you might get next!

  Pesala 17:16 26 Apr 2003

Pops: click here to see how it is done.

  -pops- 18:13 26 Apr 2003

Someone did email and ask about the white strips last year at the World Championships. They were serious!

Hazel Irvine and can't remember who else actually managed to answer without collapsing in laughter.

  -pops- 18:15 26 Apr 2003

I am sorry, sam70.

We are taking the Michael when you may have a legitimate problem.

Would you like to explain in a little more detail about what happens?

  crx16 18:33 26 Apr 2003

start up/shutdown screen is normally a logo.sys file saved in C root.if that helps?

click here like these.you can easily change it.

  richierich 23:55 26 Apr 2003

is it a secondHAND computer

  fly2hi 00:25 27 Apr 2003

while on the subject, I have a little graphic that's appeared before the progress bar and it's only visible in this forum. Looks like a miniature enterprise from star trek. how long has it been there?

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