Unwanted notepad opening on my desktop.

  Newuser857 19:52 22 Dec 2003

The below has appared on my desktop opened in Notepad and I can't get rid of it. It looks rather like a Trojan that is on the Symantec latest warning list but is not the same. I have done a full Norton scan but it doesn't show anything. Has anyone got any ideas please

[email protected]%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21787

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:04 22 Dec 2003

Could try this click here see if anything appears.


  Valvegrid 20:09 22 Dec 2003

I typed it into google and came up with this: click here

I don't think it's anything nasty.

  Valvegrid 20:10 22 Dec 2003

Sorry, I should have also said scroll down to Favorites

  Newuser857 20:38 22 Dec 2003

Thanks to you both for the advice.
I'll do a scan but having looked at the site mentioned by Valvegrid it doesn't look as if it's anything unpleasant

  hugh-265156 20:46 22 Dec 2003
  Newuser857 20:56 22 Dec 2003

Further to both messages I have carried out the scan and there is no Trojan

Regards to you both

  hugh-265156 21:00 22 Dec 2003

did you read my link above Newuser857?

  Newuser857 21:01 22 Dec 2003

That one has hit the nail right on the head Thanks very much. I'll carry out the instructions.


Happy Christmas to You All.

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