Unwanted messages at start up.

  bumpkin 14:46 31 Jul 2013

Hello all, I am getting two messages at start up, the first which I have had for a while says something like (malwarebytes trial expired) even though I am using the free version which is working and updating OK. Tried uninstalling everything malwarebytes and reinstalling the free version but the baloon still appears.

The second one started today after I reinstalled my anti virus as it stopped working for some reason.It says "Error loading installer" the anti virus seems to be working OK as does everything else.

Windows 7, Comodo Iternet Security Suite. Any ideas on this please, it is more of an annoyance than a problem.

  Nontek 15:05 31 Jul 2013

Considering that MalwareBytes Pro is just £19.95, which is a one-off lifelong fee, I reckon it is well worth it and will clear that annoying message for you.

I have never used Comodo so cannot comment on that one, but perhaps a quick look on Google might give you the answer.

  bumpkin 21:48 31 Jul 2013


  rdave13 00:08 01 Aug 2013

Nontek good advice concerning Malwarebytes. As for Comodo you'll need to go to their forums for help. Doesn't seem to be a tool to remove completely.

Was one of the first here to use and recommend Comodo as an antivirus/malware remover many years ago. They've outgrown and over complicated what they do in my very humble opinion.

Get rid of it is my opinion.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:17 01 Aug 2013

".......says something like (malwarebytes trial expired)....."

It does seem odd that you're still getting those alerts after uninstalling then reinstalling Malwarebytes. Anyhow, does this help at all? Hopefully it'll be a simple matter of clicking the "End Trial" button.

  woodchip 09:32 01 Aug 2013

To Get rid you have to clear regedit after uninstalling from Control Panel, also do a search for it in Windows Explorer

  bumpkin 11:12 01 Aug 2013

Thanks to all, Comodo now working OK and error message gone, any more problems with it and I will use something else. Malarebytes message now also gone by doing something similar to S-S link.

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