Unwanted message box

  [DELETED] 21:54 28 May 2011


I sent an email earlier today and logged into my email account later and have received an error message box which I cannot remove. It is telling me that I can subsribe to McAfee virus scan although I do not have any viruses and have Norton protection already.

Could anyone tell me how to remove this message box please.



  rdave13 22:01 28 May 2011

For the bennefit of others here could you state what email service you use and what operating system. Would help a lot. Thanks.

  [DELETED] 22:11 28 May 2011

Thank you for replying.

I am using orange webmail. Hope that helps.



  [DELETED] 09:05 29 May 2011

Have you used McAfee at any time and not removed it properly.

Some new computers come with McAfee already installed and you have to download the McAfee removal tool to remove it completely.

I had to use it on my granddaughters laptop a fortnight ago and was quite impressed as it did remove everything and left no signs of it on the computer, After doing a search it found nothing.

  [DELETED] 09:30 29 May 2011


No I have not used McAfee at any time. I have always used Norton for my protection.

I have a Windows VISTA computer and am subscribed to Orange webmail and use a Livebox.

It is more of an irritation than anything else.

But thank you for your help.


  [DELETED] 10:29 29 May 2011

Not sure why you should get that message if you have not got any McAfee programs installed.

Maybe try typing McAfee into the search box or if using W/7 the start box just to see if it comes up with anything at all for McAfee.

Now you say you have Norton installed do you have any Anti-Malware programs installed if not maybe try Malwarebytes just to see if it finds any problems.

Norton itself will not stop all problems so always better to have a back up just in case and Malwarebytes is very good.


  [DELETED] 10:31 29 May 2011

Sorry about the last link I am not sure how I managed to get the wrong one.

This is it.MalwareBytes

  wee eddie 10:46 29 May 2011

Maybe Orange are offering you a deal on McAffee

  Secret-Squirrel 10:55 29 May 2011

"and have received an error message box which I cannot remove."

Linda, is this a conventional message box that can be moved around the screen, or does it look like it's part of the Orange webpage? If it's the latter and it goes away when you close that page, then as wee eddie suggests, it could just be an Orange/McAfee marketing ploy.

  [DELETED] 08:40 30 May 2011

Hello everyone,

I cannot move the message around so maybe this is a marketing ploy!

It is a nuisance though.

Thanks for your help but I still have this annoying error message box.

I don't particularly want to subsribe for anything else at the moment.


  Secret-Squirrel 08:57 30 May 2011

Thanks for that Linda, but I'll ask again, does the message disappear when you close the Orange webpage? Also, what's the exact wording of this message?

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