Unwanted instant messaging

  Siani 00:25 18 Jan 2003
  Siani 00:25 18 Jan 2003

Hi, can anyone help. I am receiving several times per day, an instant message offering me live sex videos. I can just keep clicking the X but my children of 8 and 11 also use the computer. There is no way for me to unsubscribe, obviously I didn't subscribe in the first place. Is this something to do with MSN. If so how do I disable it. I keep exiting MSN, signing out, closing it but the little person icon just keeps coming back. I am scared to contact the website in case it is something hideous and I get listed as a contact. Surely this is not legal. Thanks.

  dimercaprol 01:11 18 Jan 2003

Can you open the Windows/MSN messenger window? Then go to Tools - Manage contacts - Delete a contact and see if this person is on the list. If so try deleting it.

  wing-zero 01:42 18 Jan 2003

hi i do not think it will be in the contacts if it is the same thing i am geting a box appers on the screen with these offers.i was thinking more along the lines of yahoo than msm

but you can you this to get rid of msn
click here

  jazzypop 02:19 18 Jan 2003

If it is Messenger that is causing the popups, click here

Also, download and run AdAware fom click here , in case another method is being used

  crx16 02:47 18 Jan 2003

would it help to go into messenger Tools\options\privacy, then set to 'block' 'all others'. you have 2 lists 'allow' and 'block' people that are blocked cant see your online status,and cant send you messages.

  watchful 07:29 18 Jan 2003

I had this problem last week and solved it by following the advice on this link: click here


  hgrock 10:39 18 Jan 2003

I wae listening to a song using real player and up poped this small video clip of 2 people having sex, dont know where it came from and it was saved to my HD, very strange , any ideas?

  watchful 09:20 22 Jan 2003

Did any of the suggestions work?

  ikle_pixie 10:29 22 Jan 2003

thats exactly what ive been getting...

  Siani 10:38 22 Jan 2003

Yes, I clicked on the link provided by jazzypop and have disabled messenger. Have had none since. On the morning before I received this advice I actually had 12 of these things on my screen overnight.

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