Unwanted icon.

  [email protected] 18:16 22 May 2003

XP. Bottom right in the "Notification Area" (I think it used to be Taskbar) is an icon of 2 monitors with a red cross on. If I hover the cursor over it, it states "Local Area Connection. A Network cable is unplugged". I havnt tried networking and there are no cables unplugged, so how did it get there and how can I get rid of it? Thanks.

  Djohn 18:27 22 May 2003

Think this is XP's version of the "Network Icon" you have on the desktop in 98se. All I have done with mine is to set it for "Always hide".

To do this, right click on taskbar, click on properties, then on "Customise", highlight the icon and a drop down menu will appear with 3 options. Always show, Always hide, and hide when inactive.

Choose the one you want and click on "Apply" then click back to desktop. J.

  Granger 18:30 22 May 2003

That icon is telling you what you already know - that you haven't connected anything. If you connected another computer using a network cable, and by some miracle it worked just like that, the red cross would disappear. I know what you mean, it looks like a warning. It would be if you were expecting a network connection, but you're not.

  Granger 18:35 22 May 2003

To make it go away in XP, select "View network connections" in Explorer, right-click the thing that says something like "Local Area Connection", choose Properties, and at the bottom of the dialogue that comes up, un-check the box saying "Show icon in notification area when connected". If you ever do use a network cable, remember you've done this...

  [email protected] 18:42 22 May 2003

also Granger.

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