Unwanted Icon

  larry48 09:17 14 Oct 2003

I'was testing a friends digicam on my PC 'cos it wouldn't work on his (won't work on mine either. I think it's duff) and I now have an unwanted icon in "My Computer" whch I can't delete.It's not causing any problems, but it's annoying. I'm running XP Home. Any suggestions for getting rid of it?

  Jester2K II 09:18 14 Oct 2003

Control Panel, Scanner & Cameras. Delete the camera from there.

  Jester2K II 09:18 14 Oct 2003

Also look under Add / Remove Programs for any software / drivers to remove.

  larry48 09:28 14 Oct 2003

I've done a restore so there's nothing listed under 'Add/Remove software', and there's nothing in the control panel either. Must admit I'm a bit baffled as to why the icon's still there.

  Jester2K II 09:35 14 Oct 2003

Look for a folder under c:\windows\twain32 and see if any of the folder relate to the camera. If so try deleting them - to the Recycle bin at first!!

  larry48 09:43 14 Oct 2003

There is a file in twain32 for Eastman/Kodak, but I think this relates to my digicam (Kodak). Unless Kodak make cameras for Packard Bell

  JIM 09:45 14 Oct 2003

where exactly is the "icon" in my computer? (eg.in the control panel)?

  expertec 09:48 14 Oct 2003

is this icon just in "My Computer" with the drives and control panel?

  larry48 09:52 14 Oct 2003

It's listed as a separate section "Other" in My Computer. It's not in Control Panel. It seems to be designated as a separate item.

  larry48 09:55 14 Oct 2003

It's listed a with the other items like "Hard Disk Drives" Devices with Removable storage" etc, but as a separate csection called "Other". Can't believe one icon coulld be so much hassle!

  Mad Mick 10:19 14 Oct 2003

This icon could also refer to any equipment that uses a docking means of communicating with your computer. I have a hand held computer which uses the same icon you describe. If you yourself have equipment of this type connected, other than your friend's digicam then, when you connect to the computer through the docking station, it will show the directories and or files on the device.

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