Unwanted extra's when using @ and '

  andrew-194461 10:16 16 Dec 2004

when I type in @ and ' I get the following

the brackets appear each time which means deleting the extra every time I use that key

any ideas

  Tog_ 10:28 16 Dec 2004

Sounds like something has fallen down between the keys. Turn it over and give it a good shake.

  Technotiger 11:18 16 Dec 2004

Hi, I think Tog_ is right, looks as if the two keys are sticking together, havn't spilt your coffee have you:-))

  ACOLYTE 11:23 16 Dec 2004

Coulc be somthing in the keyboard but you would also have to have shift held in to get the { with the first @,so maybe that stuck as well.

  Technotiger 11:45 16 Dec 2004

ACOLYTE..... Hi, he has to hold shift to get @ -
trouble is he also gets { ........ :-)

  andrew-194461 13:25 16 Dec 2004

Problem solved my 41/2 year old daughter had dripped some red goo between the keys and as you almost all said - yes the keys were stuck together. the red goo has been there for some time and I had cleaned it up as best I could buton closer inspection notice a bridge between them - bah obvios when you look at it.

thanks for the replies

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