unwanted ethernet connection

  pienter 21:49 19 Jul 2004

I have been asked to convert a surplus office computer previously used in a network into a stand-alone desk model. Although I have disabled the networking option wherever I could find it, the machine still detects the presence of an ethernet card when booting up and asks for the necessary software.which I do not have. I would physically remove the ethernet card if I could see it but there are no obvious cards in slots. Could the card be integral with the motherboard? Any suggestions how to deal with the problem?

  Valvegrid 21:58 19 Jul 2004

I expect the Ethernet is part of the mother board. If you can give the mother board specs someone should be able to point you in the right direction. I had the same problem converting a Compaq network computer to a standalone, Compaq had all the drivers on their site, so it can be done.

  Valvegrid 22:03 19 Jul 2004

I forgot to mention, if you are having trouble finding out details of the mobo, the application on this site will help: click here

  billyliv 23:46 19 Jul 2004

Hi, just look at the back of your computer. If you have an ethernet socket, usually just below the mouse and keyboard sockets, or, next to your USB sockets then you have onboard ethernet. this then should be able to be disabled in your BIOS. Cheers, Bill. PS.

  PSF 23:55 19 Jul 2004

Have a look in the Device manager, in the network section right click the adaptor,and then choose disable the network adaptor and re-boot that will stop it asking for the drivers.

  pienter 20:23 20 Jul 2004

As usual, the forum has come up trumps. PSF's suggestion of disabling the ethernet card via the Device Manager worked a treat.

  PSF 20:36 20 Jul 2004

The device manager can be handy for troubleshooting devices,sometimes it can be easier to disable them rather than taking them out.

Thanks for letting us know it worked.

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