unwanted emails (Spam)

  hubdean 18:04 31 Oct 2006

how can i stop Spam
i keep getting porn emails
not a lot but i dont want them

  Pineman100 18:10 31 Oct 2006

What security software are you running? If it has an anti-spam facility, have you turned this on?

If you haven't got this facility, click here

  spuds 18:20 31 Oct 2006

The problem is, you cannot stop spam 100%. Using a well recommended program like MailWasher or K9, even perhaps your own ISP's facility, if they have one, may help.

The golden rule. Never open any spam mail,or mail that you do not recognize, because this may bring you further annoyances.

  rawprawn 18:26 31 Oct 2006

You cannot stop it comming, but you can stop it actually reaching your computer
click here
The only real way is to change your email address, and only give it to friends.

  hubdean 20:12 31 Oct 2006

Thanks for your help
i will try what you have said

  fhiufhyrefyer 21:09 31 Oct 2006

If you are using outlook express in XP then try do the following to set outlook express up to block the email at the server.

It does not stop the spam being mailed to you, but when it goes to fetch the mail, it reads it and deletes it based on a number of selected words you enter into a rule. The mail then never reaches you at all! not even into your deleted items location.

To do this, in outlook express goto the 'Tools' menu and select 'Message Rules' and 'Mail'.

A window will now open which has tabs across the top and buttons to the right.

Click on 'New...'

An other window opens,in the top box (1st box) tick the box which has the text'Where the message body contains specific words'.

In the next box ( 2nd box ) scroll the scroll bar right to the bottom and tick the box which has the words 'Delete it from server'.

Now in the 3rd box click on the blue highlighted text 'contains specific words'.

This now opens a another window.

In the top box type a word you know will be contained in one of those e-mails and then click Add, then add another word untill you are satisfied with the list, then click OK.

Your list of words is now highlighted in box 3, you can give your rule a name in box 4.

You can OK now.

Then Ok the message rules window, Your rule is now going to be used next time you send for mail!

I have just had a piece of mail which slip through the net, I have the following words for specific words:


and i have just had to add:


to stop another.

This does mean that if an email that you want to read does contain any of these words, you will never see it because it will never reach your computer (we the software will delete it with out storing the message to file first)

If you want to add more words at any time, open it from the menu, selected the Mail rules tab, select the rule you created, select the modify button on the right then click on the highlighted text in box 3, this opens the add words window, add more words, ok it, then ok the rule, then ok the Rules window!


  fhiufhyrefyer 20:01 08 Nov 2006


When deleting from the server we need to know that the mail application is using regular expressions to find instances of the words you entered so if we have the word:

circumference it would delete the mail because it would find the word cum in the word circumference, this is because of the way it works.

It is therefore best to allow all mail to be put into your deleted folder and then manually delete the ones you do not want! if you delete from the server you could be deleting messages that you want to save!


  Spark6 20:54 08 Nov 2006

For the record.

  spiker 23:58 09 Nov 2006

Spammers mainly harvest email addresses from websites to build their lists. They get confirmation as to which addresses are still live when you open the spam mail and the message pulls a uniquely named image (and they know which person got that particular filename in the message) off their webserver as a part of the message.

Do a Google search for your email address and then get it removed from every site that has published it.

Turn it in to a non-clickable image, or write the link to the computer screen using javascript code (with the actual email address in "fragments"), or use an email form (with the email address coded into the back-end code script and NOT in the HTML code that is served to the user).

I did that 18 months ago, and spam has dropped from 300 per day to less than 20 per week (except having joined this forum I suddenly received several hundred spams because email addresses appear in your profile screen - and can be harvested - unless you tick a box to hide them).

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