nogmog 10:32 21 Apr 2004

I have started to recieve Emails on OUTLOOK EXPRESS advertising pills and drugs.
I cant block them as they change the address name and subject info.
Can anyone tell me how to stop them.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:36 21 Apr 2004

Get mailwasher which will allow you to delete them before they get into your mail client.

click here - free for one account. In its setup it will also give you the option of checking mail against known spam sources which will make it more effective.

  Sethhaniel 11:15 21 Apr 2004

put the word 'viagra' or whatever 'drug' 'Pill' in the exclusions (or if one company name in the email) and it will stop any emails from hose type emails
can be altered to stop anything over a certain size also - or redirect to another folder in list -very handy tool

  spuds 12:37 21 Apr 2004

You may find that it is nigh on impossible to eliminate all 'unwanted spam'. The people who send this rubbish, know full well how the internet works, and the simple change of a letter in a word could make all the difference to the spam killer that you use.

You might find something here of interest click here click here

  end 12:49 21 Apr 2004

I am geting some quite ridiculous ones that I do NOT open ; pills, "sex items", to name but two "topics" ; I have been given an address to which I can, apparently, report the sender OF th thing with the subject title. I have already reported 4 received today; have not yet had a response to knwo whether the "facility" is worth using or a waste of time..needless to say, will chuch the mail out and NOT open it.
???if the address IS useful, would you like it????
wont post it yet in case it is a "red herring" and of no value..I am just "trying SOMETHING" to see if I can do anything , just ANYTHING about this......

  spuds 13:00 21 Apr 2004

Reporting the type of Viagra/Sex/Your account is closed type of spam is pointless. Best to not bother, and delete it.This type of stuff is churned out in the bucket full every day to nearly everyone on the net.

  end 13:09 21 Apr 2004

sorry ,, cannot resist this..."a bucket full of spuds"...reminded me of digging up potatoes and putting them in the bucket at senoir school(!!!) sorry...now to get serious..I take your point..I just wish there was a way I could "get back at them", but seeming ly NOT... BUT, just"chuch "em in the bin"......( and no offence intended or meant......(if taken))

  kjrider 13:17 21 Apr 2004

I would like to have my own 'Spam' maker, so that anyone who sends me all this junk - I could Spam them back to clog up their email boxes.

  end 15:29 21 Apr 2004

umm ...you COULD "challenge" the folks on the forum to come up with something...however, the FE would probably object ; BUT, maybe just "sharing" the frustration via the forum ....and the number of threads ON it is interesting....... of interest, I would hope NOT, BUT (anything being possible....) I PRESUME that no forum members ARE "spammers"........( no insult intended to ANYONE....)..

  spuds 17:01 21 Apr 2004

end-- (;o))

kjrider-- The offenders would only change their methods and mail boxes, like they do now.If you bounce emails, it only causes more loading on the internet.Microsoft and others are looking into the spam problem,and possible ways of stopping it.Perhaps in the not to distant future, things may improve!.

  Bagsey 18:03 21 Apr 2004

I came back from holiday to find that my mail box was almost clear of spam due to the new spam trapping program that Btyahoo have opened. I was getting abuout 80 or 90 per day now down to 1 or 2. Thats got to be good.

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