Unwanted emails !

  [DELETED] 12:07 07 Sep 2003

Some time ago i subscribed to various ad sites, but i have found that when i click unsubscribe within their facility, i get a replt from my ISP saying that the message was undeliverable because the host is blacklisted.
Just how are you supposed to unsubscribe!! or get rid of the spam.

  spuds 12:47 07 Sep 2003

The type of sites that you have possibly subscribed to, are noted in the main, to be very difficult to get rid off. That is why they are blacklisted. You could try one of the various spam programmes, but they can only offer so much. One way that these advertisers see if your account is still active, is by you clicking on the unsubscribe button. They will take no notice of you wanting to unsubscribe, instead they may even increase your spam. Be adviced, before you click that nice little subscribe button in the future, just be wary that you may open an hornets nest of unwanted email of various nature.

If you do a search amongst the various posting, you will find that you are not alone, with the problem of spam. I myself receive something like 20/30 a day, which seems to be increasing all the time. Ask your ISP if they have a spam filter in their system.Some have and they may make an additional charge for that service.

  mikef. 13:02 07 Sep 2003

When you get one of these emails if you highlight the sender, open message, then choose block sender, if they use the same address to send this should block any more from that address.

  [DELETED] 13:24 07 Sep 2003

In addition to mikef, not only block sender, but as spammers tend to alternate their addresses too... you should creat message rules, blocking certain phrases you may find in these emails like "viagra" (remember only to block words you or friends sending you emails would never use, or you may wonder why they never talk to you!!!)

  mikef. 15:57 07 Sep 2003

Only problem with blocking words is they now start misspelling them or putting spaces between the letters.

  [DELETED] 18:34 07 Sep 2003

Thanks for the advice, my ISP has such an email site blocking,good advice!

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