unwanted email spam

  osben 13:23 10 Aug 2008


I have got an annoying problem with my e-mails in Outlook.

I keep getting spam from CN news.com but it seems to have been hijacked. I keep getting (10 to 20 per day) emails from them. However it has the address such as:
CNN Alerts [[email protected]click here]

Each one produces a page from CN news alert.

Each address is different and it seems also to be sending to my email address with a suffix such as a67377aa.ccc2eea1 before the @ which also is different every time.

Is there any way of using filtering these out to stop them. The problem I see is that each one is different so it is not just a case of including one address on the spam filter.

I would have thought that my USP's filter should have been able to detect this but obviously I am wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  octal 13:28 10 Aug 2008

I think you can join the club with these emails, I think everyone seems to be getting them at the moment. What I have done is started an email filter with just CNN in the Subject line and it seems to divert them all to the Junk folder, I don't belong to CNN so I've got no compunction about clearing out the Junk folder occasionally after just a cursory glance at it.

  octal 13:31 10 Aug 2008

I'll just add, don't be tempted in un-subscribing because they will harvest the email and password and take over your email account.

  Halmer 13:37 10 Aug 2008

and have set up a filter with CNN in the subject line to send them to the Junk folder in Thunderbird.

  brundle 13:40 10 Aug 2008

They're linked to sites pushing fake codecs; click here

  octal 14:41 10 Aug 2008

There are two types of CNN emails around, one is a phishing attack called CCN Alerts: My custom alerts and the other one described in your link coaxes you to try and update you flashplayer that installs malware which usually arrives as CNN.com Dayly top 10. Either way they are obviously run by come low life somewhere.

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