Unwanted e-mails!

  tony-guitar 21:14 18 Dec 2004

My wife may get 3-4 e-mails a day that never even have her name in it.The e-mail address is not hers but she gets them anyway. Do any of you good people out there know and why this happens and is there any way to stop them? Any help is appreciated.They are not necessarily perverse/distasteful etc but annoying just the same.Thanks

  VoG II 21:16 18 Dec 2004

Mailwasher click here

  tony-guitar 23:01 18 Dec 2004

Thanks for your suggestion VoG. Does this program have to be downloaded individually(eg.my wife's account) or if i do it, does every account automatically have access to it, do you know?

  Border View 23:12 18 Dec 2004

If you are working on Outlook Express go into message rules and set up so that anything that is not adressed to your wife specifically is deleted at the server. This has worked for me and has deleted about 95 percent of spam.

  tony-guitar 13:50 19 Dec 2004

thanks for your suggestion, but does it work with'Outlook'? (ie not "Express")

  First Bass 14:30 19 Dec 2004

Outlook Express is OK for creating message rules that will delete mail by using keywords created by you, eg "V1agra", but cannot filter sneakily worded spam. Mailwasher, which is freeware, but asks for donations, will only work in one account unless a donation is sent to the author in New Zealand. It needs to be configured separately to include your ISP and account name etc, and must be run before you open Outlook Express. It's got a couple of glitches, but generally works well as a mail filter that can spot and label potential spam before you download to OE from your server.

  First Bass 14:36 19 Dec 2004

The summary about Mailwasher also applies to Outlook! Run Mailwasher first, then Outlook.

  tony-guitar 16:34 19 Dec 2004

Thanks guys. What i still can't get my head around is how come e-mails get through that don't even have anything like the correct address! Blueyonder weren't much help either

  Henmin 17:22 19 Dec 2004

Hi VoG™, Barmoor, First Bass,

I've been reading with interest the above Posting. I have the same problems - e-mails without my e-mail address. I'm with AOL. Will it work for me too? AOL does not support OE.


  Graham ® 17:29 19 Dec 2004

Yes, it works with AOL click here

  Henmin 22:49 19 Dec 2004

Hi Graham ®,

Thanks. Downloaded FREE TRIAL. See how it works then I shall purchaser the FULL Program


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