alt 08:08 29 Nov 2003

H, I am getting tons of spam e-mails every day, I use the junk e-mail facility in my Outlook programme but they keep coming because they change the "from" constantly, thereby getting around the junk mail. Is there any other way to stop this nuisance. I am running outlook (not express), and win. xp home. Thanks in advance.....

  Diodorus Siculus 08:26 29 Nov 2003

Get mailwasher click here and it will filter out 99% of the junk mail for you. It checks what is on the server for you, then marks for deletion anything that is spam and leaves the rest for you to collect with Outlook. Just don't allow it to "boucne" back the email as that gets you nowhere.

Do a search on these pages for spam and you will find lots of advice.

  alt 08:33 29 Nov 2003

Thank you very much, I will now try this.....Val

  boxclever 09:00 29 Nov 2003

Is Mailwasher compatible with AOL e-mail.

  christmascracker 09:23 29 Nov 2003

Taken from FAQ on the mailwasher site

Q. Which mail protocols does MailWasher support?

A. At this stage only POP3 is supported. For Hotmail and MSN support as well as future IMAP and AOL support, I suggest you try MailWasher Pro which is available from click here

  spuds 16:00 29 Nov 2003

Remember though, that Mailwasher like other anti-spam programme will not completely stop spam getting into your email box.I have experimented with various programmes, like SpamBunker,Mailwasher,SpamWeasel,SpamPal etc etc, and they all have their good and bad points.Some are more harder to configure, others are not.

Most ISP'S are now offering anti-spam facilities within their service, so it may perhaps help further, by looking into these.

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