Unwanted e-mails

  vivnmike 19:29 20 Oct 2003

I have recently been swamped with spam,up to 17 per day offering medicines direct(viagra)etc.or money making scams.I have tried using filtering in Windows XP which does stop some,but the sender uses lots of numbers-letters in sending address,so as soon as i filter that the address changes.It is becoming a real pain as the numbers grow each day.any suggestions please ???

  [email protected] 19:45 20 Oct 2003

Try this click here
Good luck.

  spuds 20:42 20 Oct 2003

This problem is becoming a big nuisance, and it is posted on a regular basis within the forum.

There is no 100% way of getting rid of spam at the present time.Trying out various anti spam programmes can be a hit and miss affair, depending on personal configurations.There are a number of downloadable programmes, mailwasher being one of them, which can give different results to the way you set them up.Another contact,could be your ISP,who may have a anti spam programme available, possibly for a small additional charge.

Trying to bounce or trace the locations of the original sending points, can be very difficult, if not impossible in some cases, due the their sophicated emailing methods.Bouncing a spam may cause problems, by clogging up the internet system.So it is pointless trying to bounce, thinking that you are getting revenge on the sender, you are not.

Seventeen spams a day is not the limit. I get upto 50 some 'bad' days, and I am using anti spam programmes.At least I hope, or think,that they are not targetting me personally, it is just the block method in which these spams are sent out.Hopefully, there will be some form of legal stopping method, activated via governments and ISP's to stop this ever increasing problem.

To obtain further downloadable spamming programmes, do a Google search.

  Altair 20:44 20 Oct 2003

I have the same prob, the only thing is to 1 put up with it and just delete them or 2 as I have done is change your email address and do NOT answer to any of them as they consider you as fair game if you reply to them and they have a 'live' address and they sell it to others so you get more.

  graham√ 20:48 20 Oct 2003

I'm on AOL Broadband. I only get 1 or 2 a day, and those get the 'Report Spam' button. I think AOL builds up a list and blocks the mass Emails. Some genuine Emails get caught up and blocked, I understand.

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