unwanted data

  mimo 15:00 17 Dec 2003

hello everybody..its been 10 months since i used the recovery disc and went to factory presets.over the 10 months i must of aquired a lot of useless unwanted date on my harddrive.is there any way/program which will state clearly what can/cannot be removed .i have winxp.thanks for taking the time to read my request.best regards.mimo

  Diemmess 17:50 17 Dec 2003

This could be an example of having a wealth of HD space which soon becomes cluttered unless you do some regular housekeeping.

Certainly use the recommended sweeps for dead applications and "orphaned" files.
Most of these "Cleaner" applications verge on the over-safe side, to avoid getting a bad name for ruining your system.

Then only you, can search for long forgotten notes, documents, pictures and downloads. Also "image" files set up when burning CDs and not needed again.

If you have enough space, make a new folder called Junk or Dead, and move any unknown or long forgotten stuff in there, as a safeguard until you're sure it is not needed and then make sure you delete this as well. This is your version of the Bin, but safer since you need to empty the bin farely often and most of the Cleaner apps will do this anyway

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