Unwanted Automatic Dialup

  Linda2810 14:56 28 Sep 2004

Ever since I installed and ran GIANT AntiSpyware and I'm not online, my dialup connection box appears on my screen every few seconds and connects to the internet. I've been to Tools/Internet Options/Connections and "Never Dial A Connection" is checked. I've done a search on Google and tried some registry edits but that hasn't helped either. Can anyone please suggest something that might help. I'm running XP. Thanks. Linda.

  Micro-Man 15:39 28 Sep 2004

Try using tcpview, as recommended before by PC Advisor, to see what's running. Go to click here for a copy of the program or some of the PC Advisor cover discs.

  Lionheart ? 16:21 28 Sep 2004

Do you think GIANT AntiSpyware could be trying to connect looking for updates. Just a guess on my part as I have not used this program

  muscic lover 17:12 28 Sep 2004

INSTALL AND RUN SPYBOT search and destroy. It should kill off any spying prying scumware on your PC. Spybot kills off loads of rubbish and you should be OK then to run RED ANT

  Linda2810 19:06 28 Sep 2004

Micro-Man - have run tcpview but I don't think I'm experienced enough to know what I'm supposed to be looking for. I don't see anything obvious but I could be missing something.

Lionheart - have already checked the options on GIANT and I can't find anything which might be causing my PC to access the internet.

Music Lover - I don't have a problem with my spyware remover (GIANT). It's just that it seems to have deleted something or changed a setting so that dialup keeps appearing and connecting me to the internet.

Anyone else please?

  Dan the Confused 19:15 28 Sep 2004

Download and run eScan click here

  Linda2810 19:25 28 Sep 2004

Dan the Confused - I have Norton installed and it hasn't found any virus

  Dan the Confused 19:28 28 Sep 2004

eScan finds lots of things other spyware/virus products miss. It's worth a try, but up to you.

  Linda2810 19:33 28 Sep 2004

Dan the Confused - I don't think it's spyware that is causing the problem because I didn't have the problem until I installed the anti-spyware

  Linda2810 19:34 28 Sep 2004

I have also disabled the anti-spyware and it's still doing it

  stalion 21:00 28 Sep 2004

what operating system?

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