Unwanted ADSL PCI modem shortcuts on desktop

  kevvyb 22:44 21 Nov 2003

I have a PCI ADSL modem the software for which insists on placing two shortcuts for the modem control panel and the modem connection dialog box on my desktop.

I want rid of them. Should there be an obvious place to look in the registry to delete them for good? I can find one reference and i suppose I could just delete after backing up the registry of course. Just wondered if anyone could shed any light?

  A_World_Maker 23:00 21 Nov 2003

when you installed the software/hardware.. did you leve the box checked to have these shortcuts?... if so, try uninstalling the software and reinstalling, but deslecting that option?.. hope that helps..

Maybe try using Tweak XP which deletes various desktop icons

  leo49 23:06 21 Nov 2003

I've a Conexant PCI modem and it insisted on doing the same thing as well as placing an unnecessary icon in systray[duplicating the function of the usual twin monitors].I disabled the systray icon and that also got rid of the Desktop shortcuts for good.

  kevvyb 22:43 22 Nov 2003

Thanks for these responses. Software doesn't give an option on install which I think is not very good. There is no uncheck feature. Vendor has been unhelpful int his regard. Never got back.

Have tried the vendor again. Will give tweak IU a go if they still don't get back.

Thanks again.

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