Unusually slow after Nero and KazaaLite installed

  TommyRed 10:47 21 Apr 2003

My PC is a lot slower after I installed a CD-RW and the above software. I have re-installed Nero but it makes no difference, I am loathed to re-instal KazaaLite because it wouldn't load from their site but I found a download in Holland that worked. I realise that I may have to bite the bullet, but is there another way to check if the program is causing my problems. I'm also experiencing a lot of crashes and 'hangs' in various places. Any ideas?

  jimv7 11:29 21 Apr 2003

Kaza has put loads of spyware on your puter, this is propably what is slowing it down.

  Offline 11:30 21 Apr 2003

If you haven't already do a virus scan with up to date definitions. There is yet another Kazaa virus around that fills windows media with rubbish and causes a general slowdown. I assisted someone the other night in it's removal but I can't remember the name.

  -pops- 11:31 21 Apr 2003

I'm by no means certain of this but it does seem that as you had problems downloading one of the programs that this may be the cause of the difficulties you are having now.

Kazaa, lite or otherwise is beset with difficulties. Personally, I would let either of the versions anywhere near my computers.

  -pops- 11:33 21 Apr 2003

would should be wouldn't in my contribution above!! as I wrote it originally, it makes a nonsense of what I really meant! Oh well, it's bank holiday

  TommyRed 12:06 21 Apr 2003

Ran a full virus check, nothing found. I've got the latest update from AVG. So I think I'll uninstall it and see what happens. Should I get 'Spybot' or similar to check for spyware?

  Peverelli 12:26 21 Apr 2003

Get AdAware from Lavasoft & then check for spyware.

  rct 12:43 21 Apr 2003

If you are working with XP.. try disabling the IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service; Nero doesn't seem to like living with XPs built in burning capabilities:

Start Menu>Run services.msc "Return"

Find the aforementioned service, right click, and select "properties" change the startup type to "Disabled" Apply the changes, click ok, close the services window and restart the computer.

Also check that you have the most recent versions of Nero and InCD click here

  TommyRed 13:49 21 Apr 2003

No, running 98SE, have just run spybot and got rid of 7 A4 pages of spyware!! PC still seems slow though, haven't swapped around enough between programs to check for crashes or hangs. Found Kazaa Media Desktop still on PC, I'm sure I ununstalled it to install KazaaLite, or was that in a parallel universe. I'll have to stop eating those mushrooms!!! Any other suggestions

  -pops- 14:18 21 Apr 2003

Kazaa is one of the most persistent and insidious programs ever. You may end up having to re-format and re-install to remove all of its nasty intrusions into your system.

BTW. You didn't reveal you already had and removed Kazaa in your first post. You may have had a slightly different reaction if you had!

I honestly think you would be better of starting from scratch and thinking hard before installing Kazaa or any of its clones again.


  TommyRed 14:55 21 Apr 2003

Any other P2P programs anyone can recommend?, didn't like WinMX BTW.

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