Unusually high cpu usage for no reason

  Blackops7115 13:09 03 Jan 2017

I've recently had problems with my cpu being used way more than usual and I can barely use my pc. Whenever I open Firefox for example my cpu jumps from 0% usage to 60-100% usage when before it would never go above 20%. I have an Intel i5 4690k @ 3.5Ghz and 16gb of ram. Any help would be appreciated

  Archonar 13:20 03 Jan 2017

Have a look in task manager and see what processes/applications are using the processor - try to end any that aren't necessary for Windows / What you are doing. Feel free to send us a screenshot and we can see if there is anything out of the ordinary going on.

  Blackops7115 13:42 03 Jan 2017

all I have open right now is civ and firefox which my computer used to be able to handle easily before but now they both take up way too much cpu and still run terribly

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