Unusual Internet Activity

  Embezzler 09:29 17 Apr 2003

I'm on Pipex broadband and since last night my internet connection keeps on receiving data but i am not downloading. I have checked to see that everything (programs) are closed down but still can't find the root to this unusual activity. I was wondering if anyone knows of a program which can tell you what programs installed on your computer are using the internet connection?

BTW i hace a firewall and virus checker which are both Norton... everything's updated and i've carried out a virus check. Is Norton Firewall the best? or is there better out there?

  livewire 10:02 17 Apr 2003

some programs have update services which constantly download data from the internet to check for program updates for example Norton Live upadte and windows update. try disabling these for an expirememnt but i would advise you to keep norton live update checked.

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  MartinT-B 10:10 17 Apr 2003

You firewall should show you all internet activity and which application is using it.

Have you enable the logging that I think Norton has on it's firewall? If so, check it and see what it says.

You say that you have been receiving data. Are you sure it's not the 'are you still there' packet that PC's send to each other?

I'd get an anti trojan progam to scan my PC and have a security check done. As you have Norton why not get them to do it for you on-line.
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If that link doesn't work, you need to copy/paste this and remove the gaps between : and // and between // and Security

http: // security.symantec.com/ssc/home.asp?j=1&langid=ie&venid=sym&plfid=20&pkj=SKHDYHGBYNCJEIMXQKC

  woodchip 10:36 17 Apr 2003

Press escape to see if it stops it

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