Unusual E Mail Problem

  Sillo100 23:16 25 Oct 2006

I have been using Incredimail for a couple of years know with no problem. Recently I started to get messages with a subject line and just the AVG check but no message this happens to about one in three of my messages. I tried changing back to Outlook Express but the same thing happened but even more frequently. I have contacted NTL who cannot help but say it is nothing to do with them. Has anybody else experienced this or have any idea how to cure it.

  Technotiger 23:24 25 Oct 2006

Hi, have you tried an update to the latest Incredimail. I have used Incredimail since it just came out of it's cradle! I would use no other email program.


  Technotiger 23:26 25 Oct 2006

You could also try RegScrub, usually clears up most problems.

click here

  Sillo100 23:40 25 Oct 2006

Thanks for that I am using the Latest Incredimail. I have tried Regscrub as you suggested but I will have to wait until I have received a few emails to see if it worked. I will let you know.

  birdface 01:01 26 Oct 2006

Do you meen a little shaded line across the top with nothing in it, Or is it something different,

  Sillo100 07:16 26 Oct 2006

It is still happening. The Subject line is there but in the actual message box all there is is the AVG message saying it is virus free. As I say it happens about one in three times.

  ^wave^ 08:30 26 Oct 2006

can you view your mail from a web browser and see if the problem is there or when it is down loader from the server

  jack 08:32 26 Oct 2006

The mails in question are they from the same source?
or are they from every and any one?
There is perhaps a possibility the E-mail client the sender is using has an incompatibility with this particular version of Incredimail

  Technotiger 08:40 26 Oct 2006

Me again - If you are still not having any luck with any of the above suggestions, I would advise you to contact Incredimail and explain it to them. In the early days when I was new to Incredimail, I found them very helpfull.


  birdface 10:33 26 Oct 2006

Is it possible that under message rules,You Have asked certain e-mail addresses from contacts to be deleted,

  Sillo100 15:51 26 Oct 2006

I have checked and I have no rules or blocked senders. There dosent seem to be any pattern to it most are adverts but some personal. I have noticed that all the messages saying that there is a new response to my thread are OK.

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