unusual alert for USB problem

  vs6gyrob 19:57 18 Mar 2013

After installing a second user motherboard ( Foxconn ) I first of all could not access the internet due to no ethernet driver , eventually overcame that problem by inserting an ethernet controller pci board.!! On several occasions I then got a 'pop-up' " power surge on hubport".? After investigating thru' device manager usb;s reported ' all usb ports working correctly' ???? Any ideas please !

  northumbria61 20:40 18 Mar 2013

enter link description here

Take a look at this link

  vs6gyrob 21:11 18 Mar 2013

Hi northumbria61, many thanks for the reply and for the useful info re my query.. Yes I notice that when I plugged my printer in I seemed to get the 'warning' It seems any usb device (which this is) caused the 'alert; ?? At least your info gives me something to work , and is much appreciated Once more, my thanks

  alanrwood 21:41 18 Mar 2013

Possible cause?? If you plug any device into a USB2 port and it takes more than 0.5 Amps then the port usually closes down. Go into Device Manager and delete the whole USB tree and reboot. It should reinstall the USB drivers. Then try inserting each of your USB devices in turn to see which one causes the problem . A powered USB hub usually solves the problem

  vs6gyrob 10:45 19 Mar 2013

Hello alanrwood, and thank you for your helpful comments. Must admit never thought about deleting the whole of my usb's. Since with this Motherboard I had to try out the Epson printer I was in fact only using the one usb port. and just could not understand the 'Power surge' bit especially when in Device manager things , on examination, seemed normal However many thanks , every bit of 'know how' helps cheers !!

  Chronos the 2nd 11:14 19 Mar 2013

I would say that you are having problems because you did not install all the chipset drivers for your motherboard as that would have sorted your Ethernet problem and I suspect your USB difficulties.

  vs6gyrob 19:24 19 Mar 2013

Hi chromos the 2nd, thanks for your contribution, in fact thank you all,nothumbria61, and alanrwood.. The link supplied , gave me the first idea, then the comments re chipset drivers, so really I did'nt get as far as deleting anything, alanr, After much clicking and hair tearing, I think the problem has gone (ssh) right clicking on START>PROPERTIES> TASKBAR>HIDE INACTIVE ICONS>CUSTOMIZE> and there in the list was the culprit.!SCROLL DOWN>then apply the HIDE treatment;> APPLY.. The usb sign webt into the task bar and continued flashing ??? (nearly reached for the 'lump hammer), Switched off the PC , started up again , and and and, waited an age , but the 'thing' had GONE !! So, that's it chaps, many many thanks to you all. Cheers

  alanrwood 20:57 19 Mar 2013

Glad it has been sorted.

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