Untidy recycle bin

  Skeletor 11:55 13 Jun 2003

This is not a big problem, just a minor niggle.
Whenever I go to my recycle bin, it always reverts to "Arrange icons by name" even though previously I had arranged them by "Date deleted". It doesn't "Show in groups" either even though this had previously been selected. I'm using WinXP home. any thoughts anyone? Cheers

  -pops- 12:04 13 Jun 2003

As the recycle bin is intended to be safety net in the last stage before oblivion, does it really matter in what way they are listed?

  Skeletor 20:04 13 Jun 2003

As I said, it's not a major problem, but as Microsoft saw fit to include the "View" options, I think it's only reasonable to be able to use them. It would be nice, when on the odd occasion I need to check the recycle bin, to find it in the order in which I left it. Especially as I feel sure there is a solution.

  jazzypop 20:06 13 Jun 2003

Arrange the view as you want it, hold the Ctrl key down and then press the X in the top right corner to close the Recycle Bin window

  Dr. Charles 20:06 13 Jun 2003

My recycle bin is to empty after a few days. I think you are getting a bit carried away - - - -lol

  Skeletor 23:05 13 Jun 2003

Thanks jazzypop, I'll give it a try.It's interesting to note from a couple of replies how differently people work with their PC's.I still have stuff in my bin from 2-3 months ago, (haven't changed the settings from default).Also in response to -pops-, I have been known to retrieve stuff from the bin (I cant be the only one) so an orderly bin makes life a little easier. Thanks all.

  leo49 23:20 13 Jun 2003

I disable it - as far as I'm concerned delete means delete and once it's gone it's gone.As you say,different strokes.

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