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Unsure for the reason of crashes

  SockGuardian 10:11 18 May 2019

Hello. I have a system of 16 GB ram. AMD Ryzen 1600 Six core 3.40 GHz, Nvidia geforce RTX 2070. 1tb hdd, 500 ssd. My graphics handling should be fine, I play on a 32 inch 4k monitor. I use 3840 x 2160 resolution for standard. I try to play most games on this resolution as well, but they all crash. If I decrease the quality to approximately "low" or "medium", only then it doesn't crash on me. I do not understand what part of my computer is failing to let me play these games. I can reduce the resolution of a game to 1920x1080 and play windowed, it only takes a side of the monitor, but if I increase the quality of the graphics any further than low, it starts crashing. Could it be an issue with internet? I use a wifi adapter, which I know isn't the best but it never lags or such. I do not believe it could be the graphics card, since this problem has been persisting with my old GPU as well (GTX 1060), but now that I upgraded, it's still crashing all the same. Also recently upgraded power supply and got the ssd I mentioned. In case it was a corrupt disk of my HDD, I put all the games and apps into the SSD, but that had no influence on crashing. Another thing to mention, when I turn on highest graphics on a game, 4k resolution. Most cases it runs 60fps, but still crashes. I have ensured all the drivers are updated. Any idea what might be the issue?

  x13 11:57 19 May 2019

Some useful tools listed here that may point to the issue.

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