Unsubscribe from Google+ in Chrome

  thumbscrew 18:31 14 Apr 2014

I seem to have somehow become unmeshed in Google+. This insidious social nonsense is most definitely an unwelcome intruder on my machine. I regularly receive unwanted and unsolicited Youtube videos from some unknown bunch of jackasses I've never heard of and I'd dearly love to boot them and the whole of Google+ into touch. I spent some considerable time last night following unsubscribe instructions I found and thought that was the end of the whole sorry matter, however today another idiot sent me a Youtube clip. As well as FF I also use Chrome and after loading up it seems that + might still be lurking...like some sneaky virus on that browser. Try as I might I can't find an unsubscribe button, which makes me hate it even more. Can anyone tell me how to rid myself of the damn thing please?

  thumbscrew 11:21 15 Apr 2014

Thank you Woolwell, I'll check that out now.

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