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Unstable Vista

  Tycho 17:52 09 May 2009

I have been having increasing problems with this relatively (18mths) new laptop. It is and Asus.

It is generally OK during normal use and if I send it to sleep but if I shut down or restart it oftem throws a major wobbly. When you press the on switch it boots up and often gets as far as logging me in. As it sets up the compter with all the bits and pieces in the system stray it may lock up and the only way out of this is to crash it out with a long press of the on switch. It may do this a couple of times before it is ready to use but it has never completely failed me.

Occasionally it does not get as far as this and gives the blue screen of death mentioning Rapport on the top line. (NatWest encouraged me to install Rapport to increase security.

The items that I have in the system tray are: Power status monitor, Wireless Console, Defender (with a little orange exclamation mark), RealTek HD Audio Manager, Adaware, Synaptics Pointing Device, Google Desktop, Comodo Firewall, AVG Antivirus Free, Nokia PC Suite and SpyBot SD resident.

I have the feeling that I should be reinstalling Vista but this computer did not comm with a complete copy of the OS on CD. I do have the REcovery DVD from ASUSTek Computer Inc.

I would be grateful if someone could advise.


  Clapton is God 18:15 09 May 2009

Why do you have so many items in the system tray? They'll all increase the loading time.

Have you used msconfig to stop those processes and programs which run at startup and you don't actually need?

The "little orange exclamation mark" is Defender's way of telling you it needs attention. Open it and see what it wants.

Uninstall Rapport and all those other programs you never use (and will probably never need).

  rawprawn 18:18 09 May 2009

Open the Command prompt by right clicking, and choose "Run as Administrator." At the Prompt type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

  rawprawn 18:23 09 May 2009

Clapton is God is right you have far too many programs starting.To get to msconfig go to Start> Run> type msconfig and hit Enter. Go to the Start tab and untick anything you do not need to start
(you don't loose them they just won't load at start up)then reboot your computer.

  Tycho 20:56 09 May 2009

Thanks for the advice so far.

Here is the list of stuff that appears on the System Configuration Startup tab.

1. Adobe Acrobat
2. Ad Aware
3. Comodo Internet security
4. Synaptics pointing device driver
5. Java platform
6. Google desktop
7. Real Player
8. Rapport
9. Google Toolbar notifier
10. Spybot S & D
11. Nokia PC Suite
12. Microsoft Office 2000

Which of these can I safely untick?


  OTT_Buzzard 00:44 10 May 2009

unless you regualrly plug a nokia phone in to your computer, the Nokia PC suite can go....

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