Unstable pc

  ian-206235 23:43 22 Jan 2006

When i run anti virus software for a sytem scan my pc is switching off at about 90% done , if i try to convert a dvd for my psp it is always switching off every time .Then i reboot it is taking 4 or 5 attempts to boot up completely Any ideas . Thanks

  ian-206235 23:45 22 Jan 2006

If i reinstall windows can i repair or is it a full install meaning i would lose all my docs programmes etc ?

  007al 23:50 22 Jan 2006

Try using this click here
Leave it on for as long as possible,but if there are any faults,it wont take long to spot.
If there are no errors,post back

  Biotech 23:53 22 Jan 2006

Have you tried running sfc /scannow from the run box on the start menu, may be able to sort out missing files.

  ian-206235 00:07 23 Jan 2006

tried memtest and my pc goes off after about 3 mins ?? not sure what sfc/scan now is either

  007al 00:13 23 Jan 2006

Sounds like you need new RAM then

  theDarkness 02:10 23 Jan 2006

If its definately not a virus then you need to get someone to check if your ram is installed correctly, failing that as 007 says, new ram could well be in order- ram sticks are extremely sensitive to static so if someones been touching them more than they should (!) without an antistatic wrist strap or some sort of grounding, they can easily be ruined, eg in a dusty case thats never cleaned on a reg basis. Reinstalling a full copy of windows from disc will definately cause you to lose all your files. I would try and back up the most importaint data onto cd, but if your system is still resetting on the odd occassion I guess you could try and burn 1/2 to 3/4 full cd content to see if that makes a difference.

Your local pc repair store may be able to connect another system up to yours and transfer the important documents u dont want to lose across for safe keeping, until yours is fixed, so Id ask about that if you dont know anyone else that has a pc that could help. good luck :)

  ian-206235 23:39 23 Jan 2006

on restarting got the error message

OC fail - please enter set-up to change OC fail settings.
but iit just carries on and loads fine , just still goes off on its own at times .

  007al 23:43 23 Jan 2006

Have you changed anything in Bios lately?

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