Unstable Mouse

  Nancy166 20:22 02 Jun 2005

When I bought my Advent PC,it was accompanied by an optical mouse. Recently the mouse has been playing up, lacks accuracy and when I play Solitaire for instance it doesn't seem to 'read' the screen and picks up the wrong cards. Initially I thought it was me! I bought another mouse and just installed it but dislike it as it has an irritating click and is not so comfortable to use. Is there anything I can do about the Advent mouse. Don't think they sell them separately. I know it's not a major problem but it's mine and I would appreciate some help.



  Jackcoms 20:25 02 Jun 2005

Have you tried cleaning the bottom of the mouse? Constant movement over any surface can pick up a lot of dirt and make it 'juddery'.

I had this same problem at work today. A quick clean solved everything.

  newearwax 20:38 02 Jun 2005

I understand that optical mice like a plain surface. Apparently they can be affected by grain in wood ( pseudo or real)surfaces. The poor things get confused.

  Nancy166 20:56 02 Jun 2005

Thanks for your replies. Haven't tried cleaning it.....but it's a flat surface....doesn't look grubby but I will anyway..........just in case.

Tried it on the desk and the juddering was worse..... normally use a mouse pad.



  Technotiger 21:07 02 Jun 2005

Hi, try it on a clean plain sheet of white paper.


  GBL 21:21 02 Jun 2005

Is it battery powered if so could be they want changing.

  Nancy166 21:24 02 Jun 2005

Tried that.....have black marks on the paper but not sure if that's dirt or from the plastic? base. It definitely prefers a mouse mat........sounds like it's alive!lol
Surely Advent must supply mice separately and not just the whole package. I'll go and hunt for some web sites.

Many thanks


  stalion 21:27 02 Jun 2005

found the mouse you use on amazon but it says discontinued

  Technotiger 21:28 02 Jun 2005

Black marks on paper are more likely to be dirt from mouse, rather than from the actual plastic.


  Indigo 1 22:26 02 Jun 2005

My optical mouse picks up cat hairs (seriously) inside the little hole underneath (don't know what else to call it) and it causes the mouse pointer to drift across the screen. I have to clean out the cat hairs regularly with a pair of tweezers.

I must get the cat a laptop.

  stalion 22:29 02 Jun 2005

or get the cat to sit on top of your lap

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